Rainwater Tanks

NJ Denyer Pty Ltd has been supplying rainwater tanks, water carting tanks, animal feeders and water troughs for over 90 years. We offer a wide range of products and, at our factory in Hindmarsh SA, we can also customise a product to suit your special requirements.

Corrugated Tanks 450 – 22,500 Litres (100 – 5,000 gallons)
Only the strength of corrugated galvanised iron is good enough for DENYER TANKS. Manufactured from first quality corrugated iron, double riveted on the vertical seams, with the tap outlet securely attached to the tank and an external overflow.


Corrugated Aquaplate ® Tanks
Constructed from galvanised corrugated iron with a food grade polymer film bonded  to the inside of the tank. Aquaplate  tanks are silicon sealed and have a twenty year warranty from the manufacturers of the steel – Bluescope Steel.

Modular Tanks 400 – 2,200 Litres (90 – 500 gallons)
The elegant appearance of a DENYER “square- look” modular tank will enhance any home. Enjoy the convenience of cool, clean, clear rainwater for drinking, tea-making and cooking. DENYER TANKS are constructed from heavy gauge plain galvanised iron with a soldered outlet and tap.


Choosing the Right Tank
The size of the tank required will vary with the usage of water – we suggest up to 1500 litres if used for drinking only – up to 4200 litres if used for washing clothes and watering indoor plants as well.

The style of tank you choose will depend on many factors, not the least being your personal taste.

Positioning of Tap
When ordering your DENYER TANK indicate the position of the tap in relation to the overflow with a small sketch if possible. It is usual for the tap to be opposite the overflow.

Tank Stands
DENYER TANK stands have been specially designed for your  DENYER TANK.
Select from galvanised tube steel, besser block, or galvanised iron earth ring.

DENYER supply a range of accessories such as leaf traps, water filters, cleaning outlets (for periodical flushing), overflow pipes, elbows, tees, timber and malthoid for tank stands.

All rain water tanks require some maintenance.
The following points will help maintain a supply of clear, sparkling drinking water.
1. Keep openings to a minimum on the top of the tank where inlet pipes enter
2. Clean roof gutters regularly
3. If fitted with a leaf trap, clean trap regularly
4. Clean the tank every 2 – 3 years by removing sludge from the bottom of the tank by suction method, or we can fit a large drain plug for cleaning.
Do not wash or scrub walls 
of galvanised tanks internally as this disturbs the protective oxide coating and shortens the life of the tank
5. All tanks are supplied with a large inspection hole and cover for easy access.